Benefits of Mind Stimulation
Mind stimulation is a major cause in maintaining and improving overall mental health and having good brain fitness. Brain fitness can be developed by formal education, being actively mentally engaged in life, continuing to learn, and exercises designed to challenge cognitive skills. Healthy lifestyle habits including mental stimulation, physical exercise, good nutrition, stress management, and sleep can improve brain fitness.
Any intellectually challenging activity is believed to stimulate brain cell growth, which adds to the neural connection in the brain. The brain thrives on novelty. Learn something new by taking classes, hanging out with smart people or visiting a new place. Play games that make new connections between ideas. Do simple math calculations as quickly as you are able, always trying to increase your speed. Read aloud for ten minutes every day. Solve all types of puzzles, moving from easy to more difficult to stimulate your brain. It is crucial to always be learning and challenging yourself every day, whether your 8 or 80!

You only have one brain with which to remember, and only you can take care of it. The sky is the limit when it comes to stimulating your intelligent/creative memory.

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