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Are you an RN looking to go back to school to get your BSN Degree? All of the nursing programs offered at Brainies are for students who are Registered Nurse graduates or have completed an associates degree or diploma program who want to obtain their BSN degree via distant learning.

Advantages of online education

Flexibility – Complete your BSN degree from the comfort of your own home without clinical training or the everyday stresses of campus life.

Timeliness – Simply put: Earn your BSN degree in as few as 3 semesters to get you quickly into the workforce.

Experience – This program provides credit for nursing proficiencies already acquired through previous schooling or work experience.

Advantages of a BSN degree

  • A BSN degree will open the door for opportunities in administration and management, which offers the potential for promotion and higher income levels.
  • No matter your nursing schedule or your place of residency, improve your skills, your income, and your career potential with a completed BSN degree.
  • To compete in today’s economy, there is a vital need for Baccalaureate and higher degreed nurses in the workforce.
  • Most RN to BSN online courses are taught by the same professors who teach on-campus students and contacting your classmates and instructors is quick and easy with features like online message boards, chat rooms, and email. Get the same BSN experience as an on-campus student gets without stepping foot into a classroom.
  • It’s been shown that Nurse administration can recognize a noticeable difference in field knowledge and aptitudes based on education and seek out nurses with a BSN degree.
  • The US Army, US Navy, and the US Air Force all required the Baccalaureate degree to practice as an active duty registered nurse.
  • According to a federal panel that advises Congress and the US Secretary for Health and Human Services on nursing issues (National Advisory Council on Nurse Education and Practice), it is recommended by 2010 that at least two-thirds of the nursing workforce hold Baccalaureate or higher degree in nursing.

It’s clear to see that holding a BSN degree in today’s job market in essential to employment. In fact, a BSN is a requirement for many nursing positions across the country. With online learning there are no boundaries for your potential, so what are you waiting for? Get ahead of the competition and earn your BSN degree today!

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