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Criminal justice is the scientific study and application of law and natural sciences to the social phenomena of crime and delinquency. The main focus of the criminal justice degree is the way in which society as a whole interrelates with crime and the criminal justice system. Online criminal justice degrees are available from associate to doctoral level.

An associate's degree in online criminal justice is considered to be appropriate for anyone intending to make a career in local, state, federal or private correctional facilities or police agencies. The bachelor's degree requires more in-depth study and is a good preparation for students who want to continue their studies at law or graduate school, or who are seeking a career in criminal justice administration. The master's and doctoral degrees will prepare you for upper management positions in the criminal justice field.

An online criminal justice degree allows for a rewarding career as a city or state police officer, parole officer, sheriff, social worker, court administrator, probation officer, detective, prison guard, FBI agent, secret service, drug enforcement officer, U.S. Marshal, customs investigator, private investigator, and diplomatic security special agents.

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